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Greg McVerry

finished up demo project from @IndieWebCamp West Maker Day: I wanted a bookshelf of reviews using rotating cards, CSS Grid, and no javascript. h/t to @smashingmag tutorial:

Greg McVerry

Back, C and F were okay but the G note its tough on the little 7 year old hands.

Greg McVerry

Dropping out of . My youngest wants to practice ukulele on YouTube...guess it is kinda . Please spread word about this free tech camp in New Haven, CT

Greg McVerry

It wasn't great everywhere. Better in the affluent districts non existent in urban and rural districts.

Greg McVerry

Hey all. Greg here

Greg McVerry

Please share widely: We are running a FREE Technology Camp For Teens #nhv @ctmirror @nhregister #edtechchat @edcampct #IndieWeb #DigPed

I am reaching out because the Concepts for Adaptive Learning (CfAL) at the Farnam Center (formerly Farnam Neighborhood House) 5 Science Park is launching a

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I am reaching out because the Concepts for Adaptive Learning (CfAL) at the Farnam Center (formerly Farnam Neighborhood House) 5 Science Park is launching a virtual summer program (Tech4Teens) for teens.

We ask, respectfully, that you share this information across New Haven and within your networks.

Tech4Teens is designed to empower youth to share their passion through technology. The program is open to students 13 and older, ideally those who have completed 7th and/or 8th grades.

Information technology students from Yale and SCSU mentor youth to ensure each student has the support needed to be successful.Dr. J. Gregory McVerry, Associate Professor of Curriculum and Learning, and the Southern Connecticut State  College of Education Associate Fellow for Online Learning has taken the lead in developing the curriculum.

Any students that do not have a working computer will be given a “loaner laptop” before the program starts – which they can return after completing the program and will receive a nicer, refurbished, Chromebook! (Students who do not complete the training can keep the laptop provided to them, … but won’t be able to turn it in for a better, enhanced one.)

Students will have the option to learn how to create websites, videos, podcasts and coding projects – all based on their passion and interests. All student projects are posted on individual websites, … and will be exhibited on community showcases at the end of the program.

Weekly prizes will be awarded. These include such things as cellphone powerbars, wireless earbuds, wireless speakers, and even programmable robots!

Hopefully you will be able to help us promote this program to teens – as well as mention to funders/donors that we’re always looking for financial support.

Tech4Teens is being run completely by volunteers. All donations go back to the teens in the program. In fact, if enough financial support is received, Tech4Teens will purchase new Chromebooks for participants, instead of refurbished ones,.

The program is FREE to all. Space is limited. Register through our website:

Or contact Ms. Jennifer Ricker at 203-691-1078

Greg McVerry

100% This "In a nutshell, is about using the World Wide Web itself as a social network, through a set of open standards for communication and identification of content and people."

Greg McVerry

More evidence why should work toward an HTML first approach:

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry


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