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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.

Greg McVerry

Replied to a post on : you should do a chapter on that in our Open Pedagogy book (one I am finishing in December) already will have chapters. Real short case study free of academic jargon. Openly published.

Greg McVerry

Some quick quotes on #edu106 and the power of #IndieWeb #creativity #edtechchat #mb

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I am most proud of my website because I have never created a website by myself before and it was fun to figure everything out everything I wanted to do with my website. I could have done better at posting every week to be consistent and written longer posts that had more detail. Blogging helped me understand what we were doing in this course and what it was about. I believe reflection drives learning because you look back at everything you’ve done and determine what you did really well and what you could’ve don’t better so that in the future you can work on what needs it and come back with something stronger than you’ve had before.

The fact that I now have a place where I can do that, where I can publish my thoughts whenever I want in a place open for people to read and to not be afraid of doing so, is liberating. I’ve always wanted a space online to call my own. I’m so tired of all the endless perfection I see on social media. My space, “Life Chapter by Chapter” is real. It’s me, personified by a website. And though this post is not digitally enhanced in any way, I love it because it’s representative of the bottom line of what I’ve learned in EDU 106. I’m my own person on this site, I’m not defined by Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. I can post what I want, when I want, how I want. It’s a beautiful thing.

.I think blogging helped because me having to write about technology was interesting and it was a way to express not only that but also new things or topics about myself that I don’t have time to talk about or even write about. It gave me a chance to express myself.

Reflection drives learning because when you reflect on something you keep on thinking about it in your head and it keeps eating away at you until you just have to know more about it and by doing that you have to read about it ask information look it up on websites and this is you learning new information about what you were reflecting on and you keep it with you and eventually your going to try to learn everything you can if your really reflective and passionate about it.

Through this class I have gained a sense of voice I didn’t have before. I am able to stand up and talk about things infant of people and not be scared. Through conversations I can be the reason someone reaches out for help. I have gained my confidence through my writing, support from Rebekah, and J. I have learned that I am worth a fight, I am worth the hard work and dedication it takes to recover, and I am worth so much more than I thought I was.

I am most proud of being so open to talk about my eating disorders and my experience with abuse.

At first, I really didn’t want to blog because I thought it wouldn’t be something I enjoyed. I didn’t really use it so much as I should of, but I do admit that I really enjoyed customizing it the way I did and letting my thoughts come out for people to read. When I was probably around 13-14 years old I actually made a wordpress blog and I was so excited about it, but I only used it for a couple weeks. I tried to find it now but I couldn’t because I think it would be really interesting to see how I’ve changed on the web. Anyways, I think this blog has been pretty interesting with writing down my thoughts and being honest with myself.

Greg McVerry

Another reason we for @scsu is Having students create support networks for mental health and track honestly their journey

Greg McVerry

If you want to know why we we read the final section from this @scsu student in

Greg McVerry

Planning the #edu106 final and my digital portfolio #mb #work

Planning the #edu106 final and my digital portfolio #mb #work

just sharing a little insight into my instructional design. In the middle and right are my notes as to what the final portfolio in must contain. On the left is the design of my webpage.

I need to submit a portfolio as well.

Greg McVerry

Here is the link for people who want to remote into HWC-NewHaven

Greg McVerry

Here is a tutorial on using the WordPress app for the Photo Challenge.

Greg McVerry

How to Make Your Ignite Talk #EDU106

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Hey many of you skipped town before class on Monday. Remember your Ignite Talks occur when we return from Thanksgiving Break.

What is an Ignite Talk?

Ignite talks deliver impact and enjoyment  with 20 slides that auto advance every fifteen seconds. You can use words or images but try to break the habit of reading bulleted list from slideshows.

In terms of accessibility or doing a talk for those using screenreadsers you may just try one or two key phrases or even think about including audio segments.

No real rules for ignite talks. We have a relaxed atmosphere for the talks. No rubrics and no stress. Just practice delivering a live talk.

Here is the video we watched in class.

How to Plan Your Ignite Talk

You can choose any topic but since you will deliver a portfolio and digital essay that includes video many students choose to do their talk on their "Better Myself" or "Better the World" project. 


Once you settle on a topic grab a piece of paper or a notebook. Pre-write your talk . I don't dicate your method but you can use this common strategy:

  • Jot down yoru three to four main ideas.
  • Then make a table with 20 rows. Put three columns.
  • Column one is for your main idea.
  • Column two is for any text.
  • Column three for picture idea.
  • Go to Google Slides or use Powerpoint. Sharing Google Slides easier for presentation day.
  • Add 21 slides
  • Go to find your images if you are using any. Add the links to your 21st slide. Bonus if you use Creative Commons images
  • If you are doing a presentation of clips or boomarks in a non visually driven presentation add the links to the 21st slide.
  • Make the presentation. 
  • Practice the presentation. Learn what fifteen seconds feels like. Learn to breath. 
  • Listen to people tell stories at Thanksgiving. Do that, just in a world where the background changes every fifteen second. Good luck.

Recording Ignite Talks

I will record anyone who wants their talk for their final portfolio. We will record the screen, export each slide to an image, and have two cameras on you. A front angle and a side angle. Then when we get to video editing you can take all four feeds and mix them together.

It is really hard and all I usually do is take the front feed an time each slide image to 15 seconds. This is a good first video editing task. You can of course choose to film and edit anything to meet the requirement. More on that after next week.

Greg McVerry

Through the years the most amazing things have happened in , students have created addiction support networks, become 15 minute famous political reporters, talked about eating disorders, abuse, video games, race, hate, anger, love.

Greg McVerry

@jgmac1106 Most importantly feel free to leave comments for in . If you ask to keep a comment private they will.

Especially for those blogging about surviving life as a modern college student. Words of encouragement from other survivors.