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Greg McVerry

Read Digital Minimalism

Starting this book as part of book club and to model how online book clubs work for .

No irony in doing a book club about digital minimalism from my blog. In fact, going big the first step in going small.

When you have a website you design your world, the smallest and largest piece of real estate online. 

By Cal Newport

Greg McVerry

as we discuss worldviews, racism, and children's literature here is an important read from @ncte

Greg McVerry

A successful Homebrew Website Club New Haven

2 min read

Creating a learnign space on campus for students and alumni to gather to share their experiences has enriched my online teaching and provided students with an avenue for agency and artisty

On 2019-02-06 the local New Haven Homebrew Website Club met. As part of the global movement we join together to hack on websites. For many of my students this means building a site for the first time. For @SCSU alumni who attend they carry the website they began as students out in the real world and bring examples of how they use their sites in their classrooms.

New Name

At Wednesday's meeting we did decide a few things. Participants do not connect with the Homebrew Website Club. They do not know the history of the computer club once attended by Jobs and Gates and do not really care once they learn. So after some discussion we decided to revert our name back to the Elm City Webmakers. We will still host homebrew websiote club meetings but will brand these gatherings of the Elm City Webmakers.

Great Location

picture of room

Huge shout out to Dean Hegedus for building the active learnign lab where we meet. Today I was joined in person by two people. Natalie Caldwell, a student, and Drew McWeeney, an almuni

Awesome Goals

Natalie began byworking on her site. She wanted to learn how to add Bridgy and then to customize fonts and colors. Natalie even played with a bit of microformats

Drew came to the Elm City Webmaker gathering to work on his Grav site. Drew is working on instructional design for the American Red Cross. After discussing why he was using Grav for whta was a single webpage we decided to roll up opur sleeves and learn to spin up a web page by writing HTML.

Overall a great first meeting this month. I am looking forward to seeing even more people in two weeks.

Greg McVerry

#edu307 Newsletter Update and Launch of WorldViews

2 min read

Assessment of Slide Deck:

Here are the criterion I will use to assess your module two "literature elements slide deck"

  • explicit definition
  • easy examples
  • pop culture examples
  • text based analysis
  • use of color to draw attention to key details
  • learning progression
  • an explanation of why
  • even a check for understanding (this lat bit isn't required but if you want to document evidence that you know how to measure knowledge growth..or even write a quiz question you might want to try. Hint try "action buttons"
  • I would have added annotated examples of longer pieces, like copy a slide and then highlight where the alliteration occured.

As a reminder here are some examples I analyzed

Next Module

In our next module, we will consider how worldviews influence our definitions of children's literature and literacy. You will also be assigned to your book club group as part of this module. You will have two weeks to get together (either virtually or in person but at the same) to discuss two books. 

As a group we will write one model book review. This will be the template we use for the rest of the semester.

You will also need to stop by the Curriculum and Learning office and pick up the two novels we will read together. We will start these throughout the module. I will be posting reading prompts and fun discussion questions for the rest of the semester. I picked two books I love, "Handbook for Boys" and "Bucking the Sarge."

You also need to get together with someone or a small group (your choice) and discuss the reading "Thrice Lesson Learned." I will schedule two video chats for next week after8:00 pm if anyone wants to join one of those discussion groups.

Please remember you should strive to have the other readings done and your reflections up by Monday.

Reply Post

Did you read something by a peer you loved? Send them a reply post. Simply include a link to their post in your reply and hit send. 

That is soon. I will record a video version of this message either tonight or first thing in the morning.


Greg McVerry

Hey and all @scsu students tonight we are hosting homebrew website club : If you ever wanted to start building your first website or blog want help on your class websites stop by

Greg McVerry

Hey here is the link to how to make the slide deck tutorial. I pinged the wrong class, my bad:

Greg McVerry

Turns out it is from shutterstock. Me thinks I also need to do a lesson on finding and providing attribution to openly licensed images.

Greg McVerry

Where did you get this image from/ I really dig it. Want to find the source...oh yeah reverse image look up...brb

Greg McVerry

Emma do you think a definition of literacy has to involve the classroom. How do we fit in out of school like we read about in the Wiinn article.

Greg McVerry

Wow citations to boot. Nice job on an read post. Add a few line breaks between paragraphs to help out readers.