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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites

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Greg McVerry

Hey Here is an to kick off this week. Good luck on the mythology unit. Given the Easter weekend I held off launching the module on Thursday.

Greg McVerry

here is the Fables templates, I am going to put it on the website today but if you wanted to get started all the info you need is right here:

Greg McVerry

Hey just waiting for the template from the Fables group......every group needs to have their modules templates done and submitted to me please (last week actually).

Greg McVerry

Hey here is an the Picture Books Module is live. Good luck to the first group going to teach this class.

Let's remember to talk about and celebrate each others' work.

Greg McVerry

I am building out the modules now. the links on the class websites are the modules students built last year. Please make sure to share the google doc templates with me.

Greg McVerry

Hey here is an In the poetry video I talk about the poem you will make. That is a mutlimedia poem. I will record a tutorial on how to do this using Google Slides tomorrow. The participate activity is based Google docs you copy

Greg McVerry

Hey here is your next I recorded a video on how to write a book review:

Greg McVerry

I heard the links on the poetry readings are not working I will switch them once kids in bed tonight

Greg McVerry

Here is the video tutorial for building your own module:

Greg McVerry

#edu307Update Hey #edu307 Here are your Build-A-Module Group

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Picture Books

  • Meagan Dooley
  • Mary Luz Heidtmann
  • Alyssa Kopjanski
  • Julia Raucci


  • Ashley Connolly
  • Jessica Fressle
  • Jessica LeClerc
  • Emily Vilhotti


  • Caroline Beatty
  • Natalie Delin
  • Megan Garner
  • Megan Ralston


  • Marie Chutjian
  • Mia Ney
  • Emma Soltis


  • Karlene Wells
  • Jennifer Pohl
  • Jessica Reynolds
  • Emma Soltis

Realistic Fiction

  • Alyssa Bellizzi
  • Heidi Matias
  • Ashley Preusse

Link to the Template


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