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Greg McVerry

Delman thank you for such honest reflections and sharing how it shapes the worldview of your classroom. Great job

Greg McVerry

Derrick your poem came out great: and thanks for doing the risk of telling your story, "stuck in the middle" is such a great line... "major protest to digest" the power that you ended on your only rhyme.

Greg McVerry

And here is a quick tutorial on making infographics: remember for our lesson you need to choose infographic or documentary poetry:

Greg McVerry

Hey when people complain about the math they are usually complaining about conceptual understanding: but as we discuss disiplinary thinking conceptually is one of those practices

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

Hey class here is a video describing how we prepare for the Foundations of Reading Test. I Mr. Miagi you not PowerPoint you:

Greg McVerry

Hey if you were ever curious where this idea of "gradual relase of responsibility" came from it was this 1983 Pearson and Ghallager article on reading comprehension:

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

Hey here are the start of my notes on the CRT and video: I don't do videos in one sitting...20 minutes pretty much my max. I do try to capture salient quotes from the speaker I use later.

Greg McVerry

LRA Research to Practice Episode - Critical Race Theory - YouTube

Allission Skerret:

we are all racialized people and live racialized lives even when doing work to understand racism.


From a pragmatic demision: demographics are changing dramatically in schoolls while teaches will be white and female. We need ways to talk about race, when teachers come with priviliedge. In this conversation race matters.

1970-1098 we see research that race didn't matter. Then Cornell write Race Matters. Critical Race theory is an understanding that race matters in school.

The other reason is critical race theory at this moment, when we talk about neoliberalism, they try to move past race to "color blindness" that leaves barriers in place.

We define success on terms that delte race. CRT says we can't delete race and doing so leaves us with more structural inequity.


CRT may not be approchable in EDU 101, but cultural relevant pedagogy and how to respond to neoliberal theory that is how you embed it. CRT is a framework for analysis to develop the ideas that teachers see.

In a court case you had two different side and you look at the fact and the judge and jury would see the same thing. in 1910-1930 critical legal theory said court is "two stories, better story wins"

Years later people came to this as this is important but the missing story is race.

This came to CRT out of Derrick Bell and his students. Billings and Tate then hopped on from the education side.

Everything is a story. A counter narrative means there is a master narrative. That is the matrix we live in. Counter narratives challenge the master narrative.


African Proverb: Until the lion learns to write the history of the jungle will be written by the hunter. The master narrative erases the narrative of those who can not tell their stories.


This is an attainable part of the curriculum. You just have to give children the space to tell their story. Draw ont heir own language, their culture, their racial understanding. This can be the backbone of a readers and writers workshop


You metnion CRT as a hueristic for 1st year teachers but may feel more comfortbale with culturally relevant approaches....We need to tease out the difference between CRT versus culturally proactive education or multiculturually approach....I would like us to talk about what it means for CRT as a potential for instructional approaches


It gets back to master/counter narrative. CRT came into education in 1980 and 1990s multicultural education wasn't radical enough. Need something more than just heroes and holidays. Calling things critical "Magic C" you are calling back to Marx and the Frankfurt school.

In our founding documents I am worth 60% more than others. CRT needs to be radical.


mulitculturalism is concerned with cultural pluralism, CRT is concerend with race. We can not conflate race and culture. It dimishes the significance of race. It suggest their are hierarchical and subcultures.

We are talking about all the falvors and layers and complex webbing that create inequity. the power of CRt at is must interesting nexus is putting everything under a critique with race at the center.

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