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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites


Greg McVerry

@twoodwar only experimental microformats I am using is p-x-criteria and p-x-evidence, everything else already existed. A webmention badge is just u-in-reply-to with a link to the criteria, issuer, earner, date and a link to the evidence

Greg McVerry

I use the nifty tool from @visualthinkery it helps me connect the badge to the criteria. Decide what you want you learners to know and how you will elicit evidence of knowledge growth. We call that teaching

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

Badges give us a chance to show students met the criteria of a task and has a link to the evidence and reflections by the student. It is measurement connected to learning rather than measurement to justify spending on learning.

Greg McVerry

Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Education and Human Resources (IUSE: EHR)



IUSE: EHR also seeks to support projects that have high potential for broader societal impacts, including improved diversity of students and instructors participating in STEM education, professional development for instructors to ensure adoption of new and effective pedagogical techniques that meet the changing needs of students

This is the long term goal of the project. You can see it hashed out here: Though it went through some revisions as I shopped ideas to RFP's going back to the original focus on teacher prep.

$300k a small budget as well can't get lost in the larger narrative of what I want to scale up to.  Going to have to rethink the overall structure of the story into a much more focused lens. 

For all the above objectives, the National Science Foundation invests primarily in evidence-based and evidence-generating approaches to understand and improve STEM learning and learning environments

go read past studies for methods used. Not much room for instrumentation and plus I am more interested in studying the spaces we create for sources of evidence

Going to go for the institutional track. 

  • design and study innovative learning opportunities, including cyber-learning;
  • create, implement, and test program, curricular, course, and technology-driven models;
  • develop, implement, and test creative approaches for adoption of education research into disciplinary teaching; demonstrate effectiveness of validated practices in a variety of institutional settings; develop and validate assessments/metrics for undergraduate STEM learning and instructional practice;
  • and conduct fundamental research on issues of undergraduate STEM teaching and learning.

This track supports projects that use innovative approaches to increase the use of highly effective, evidence-based STEM teaching and learning, curricular, and co-curricular practices in institutions of higher education or across/within disciplinary communities. These projects may be proposed by an institution or set of institutions;

Is a public school considered an instution

For example, support from key administrative leaders, ranging from presidents and provost, to deans and department chairs, is often an important factor in affecting the development, impact, and sustainability of change efforts at the institutional level

start working on support letters

need to go look at my budget again. 300k ain't much, want to connect our teacher prep to STEM. Want to get practicing teachers into hyrbid classes.

A competitive proposal will include an evaluation plan that provides formative feedback to guide the development of the project and summative assessment of the effectiveness of the project in achieving its goals as well as expected and unexpected outcomes

think about organizing the evaluation section based on this paragraph.

Time to make the template.

Greg McVerry

I provide prompts for your blogs but no rubric (beyond our criteria and guiding questions) for it should be a launching pad not a formula....If you need something CRAVE truth. Connect to the author, Restate the question (interwoven in your narrative) , Answer the question, define Vocabulary, provide Evidence and Examples...

Even that makes me worry I will get a formulaic post looking for the 3,2,1 dopamine hit of our broken grading system. It is knowledge. Use it, break it, reshape in your own design.

Greg McVerry

good use of textual evidence in this post. When you are working with students and poetry spend time reading deeply.

Greg McVerry

Great evidence from the text and wonderful example of someone who has probably been taught TTQA since fourth grade. It is okay to synthesize questions and rework them into your own organization.

Greg McVerry

The floors as scuffed as
our checkered pasts
the linoleum worn from soles of
shuffling souls
Curled cracked lips close across a coffee cup
a housepainter, overalls stained with evidence of
getting by
a waitress with dreams of theater
an author toiling away
the eggs come by
the yolk splits
real life spills out in the conversation
as regulars shuffle by
silently picking up unspoken orders
heading into the world

Greg McVerry

@_mike_collins it is so perfectly simple. I use webmentions. So a badge is a reply post to student evidence that includes badge image, name, issuer, earner, criteria and evidence.

All done by two Urls talking to each other... Will do summary write up later.


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