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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


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Greg McVerry

Poetry As Play #Poetyport #clmooc #smallpoems

Given today's poetry prompt of play I had to try something I have never done before: Remix a voice poem in GarageBand

screen shot of garage band with 9 voice tracks

In the shower I came up with the phrase "majestic, frenetic, poetic play", and I thought about how awesome it was for Wendy to play with spoken word in a poetic gift to someone. I wanted to try something new.

So I grabbed a couple phrases from twitter this morning. "Take a Step Back" and "Tinkering As Agentive Feedback" and added "Find Your Answers in Your Poetry and Your Poetry in Your Play"

I then recorded each track...learned you need to silence the other tracks, and then re-recorded all the tracks.

Next I learned you can right click and select "split at masthead" I then moved clips around, played with volume...and of course reverb...cuz you know...rock and roll


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Greg McVerry

@lookforsun Why we always stress teams of 2 or 3 minimum when we help districts craft a Personalized PD plan. Also build in a lot of observation, feedback, and reflection. Time Matters as Much as Motivation

Greg McVerry

We have a platform to track personalized growth through PD, connect it to your observation and feedback, and we are adding a course builder and a blogging tool using @withknown check it out,

Greg McVerry

Good morning all, I am Greg from Connecticut, teacher educator, and consultant focused on digital , and improving instructional capacity through high quality feedback. I founded and co-run @reviewtalentfs with @ReVISION_Learning

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

@KimWatt22342032 prior knowledge, questions, feedback

Greg McVerry

Also reason adding @withknown support to @reviewtalentfs and single sign on between two (paid for from joint @scsu and @uconn grant) want to connect reflective teacher archiving with rubric based feedback and coaching. return teachers to peoples, not numbers

Greg McVerry

While hundreds of millions spent to learn you can't combine two numbers from multiple assessments with predictive validity issues and make up a new and improved better number, did learn reflection, coaching, feedback, coaching make difference.

Greg McVerry

Pulling away from Workshop models to more lit circles and book clubs around specific text sets, as teacher your questioning and feedback drives so much of learning. Simply can not construct the spiraling questions that help move mastery

Greg McVerry

text based discussion and analysis required in any discipline, crafting feedback to students using targeted learning goals, explicit instruction woven into culture of reading and writing through playing with words in all modalities


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