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Greg McVerry

Finally we will move to assessments and benefit of multiple shorter assignments and assessments for online learning and talk about how to deliver high quality feedback aligned to the learning outcomes of each assignment.

Greg McVerry

Please let us stop conflating grading with feedback. We know the act of measurement changes the motivation to learn but we don't need to worsen the situation by conflating arbitrary numbers with information used to improve performance

Greg McVerry

Feedback is a story. You can help people grow with positive feedback or make them hate and resent with negative. The math is that simple. A poem I found on the subject by: @techbuddhist

Greg McVerry

@petrock thx for feedback on the UX of people who might be Twitter users and unfamiliar with our workflow. I will take your feedback serious to see if I can add some clues to my design to reduce the inferentces required by readers

Greg McVerry

At same time cognitive science identified common practices among teachers trying to design better classes. Take wait time and feedback, for example. We know that increased wait time and well crafted feedback aligned to goals makes difference

Greg McVerry

Developing our Shared criteria for blogging in #edu106 #netnarr

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This week we began clas by first examining patterns we found in our first three weeks of blog posts:

You folks were highly critical of each other and yourself! Please understand that when these patterns emerge it is not the fault of the students but of the instructor not laying out clear expectiations.


Next I role played with you showing two different ways of delivering feedback. I could say, "You folks are giving me single parapgraphs like a 6th grader...."


....or I could base my feedback on growth and say, "While you took a postion your writing would be improved with greater organization and eloboration. You can begin by trying to organize your writing in mutltiple paragraphs. As an elaboration technioque make sure to use evidence from the readings."

Which approach do you think research supports in helping students grow as learners and writers?

Next in small groups you did a turn and talk and as a table developed a list of criteria for good blogging. We then combined this list as a class

list of topics suggested by students

So here are the final criteria

  • Strong organization as evidenced by a central idea, concept, or argument supported by multiple paragraphs, each organized around a central idea. Use of signal worrds and headings.
  • Analysis of the readings that uses evidence from the text, combined with personal observations to support your position.
  • Voice and Expressions emerge over time to create a clear style for the writer
  • Affordances of Multimedia used such as images, links, and movies to enhance your message.

I left the word length requirement off. The 250 words is a suggestion. The correct answer is the exact number you need. Not one more. Not one less.

Greg McVerry

Hey I finished up my poetry page at @IndieWebCamp Austin (plus a few bug fixes and registering podcast today). Check it out: Welcome feedback!!

Greg McVerry

Four Haikus remixed from the @gltich Haiku generator by @jonobr1 #poetryport last haiku mine as feedback

Four Haikus remixed from the @gltich Haiku generator by @jonobr1 #poetryport last haiku mine as feedback
Four Haikus remixed from the @gltich Haiku generator by @jonobr1 #poetryport last haiku mine as feedback
Four Haikus remixed from the @gltich Haiku generator by @jonobr1 #poetryport last haiku mine as feedback
Four Haikus remixed from the @gltich Haiku generator by @jonobr1 #poetryport last haiku mine as feedback

The present errand

reeking in the tranquil tale

is nodding elsewhere


The discrete swordfish

melting hte keyless cap

is flirting northward


The jobless retstraint

chucking in the quilted ink

is owning steeply


The secret sophmore

mixing in the inverse ink

is scaring sparsely


No articles please

the power of THE tiny

in face of real words

Greg McVerry

Poetry As Play #Poetyport #clmooc #smallpoems

Given today's poetry prompt of play I had to try something I have never done before: Remix a voice poem in GarageBand

screen shot of garage band with 9 voice tracks

In the shower I came up with the phrase "majestic, frenetic, poetic play", and I thought about how awesome it was for Wendy to play with spoken word in a poetic gift to someone. I wanted to try something new.

So I grabbed a couple phrases from twitter this morning. "Take a Step Back" and "Tinkering As Agentive Feedback" and added "Find Your Answers in Your Poetry and Your Poetry in Your Play"

I then recorded each track...learned you need to silence the other tracks, and then re-recorded all the tracks.

Next I learned you can right click and select "split at masthead" I then moved clips around, played with volume...and of course reverb...cuz you know...rock and roll


Also on IndieWeb Poetry Also on CLMOOC Planet

Greg McVerry

@lookforsun Why we always stress teams of 2 or 3 minimum when we help districts craft a Personalized PD plan. Also build in a lot of observation, feedback, and reflection. Time Matters as Much as Motivation


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