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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.

Greg McVerry

@booktoss Samizdat is the hottest new journal in open source research. Named in honor of the journalist and poets who self-published under threat from the Soviet regime....a threat still killing reporters.

Greg McVerry

Scratch also an interesting community for cross comparative case studies of learning in similar to and . Network missing in our models of comprehension and disciplinary literacies studies. Wonder what holds true intergenerational?

Greg McVerry

Something about agentive writing. The sense of real ownership. It changes someone's relationship with data and information. You can not understand how truth is shaped online until you shape your own.

Greg McVerry

An important read for anyone who studies , reading and writing, media and anyone interested in machine learning, AI, auto essay grading, and many other fields. What does it mean to shape and consume truth online?

Greg McVerry

Hey @scsu and @SCSU_CompSci students we released our w3c community group Technological Approaches to Improving Credibility Assessment on the Web

Greg McVerry

Following People or Feeds in the #IndieWeb #mb #DoOO #edtechchat #literacies

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I am scrolling through history (h/t to Kevin Marks for reminding of the ccurated posts by danah boyd) as we discuss how best to follow people in social readers on the IndieWeb.

Tantek Çelik has suggested nobody ever on the history of the web wants to follow feeds. danah seemed  to agree in 2004.

Tantek suggested a one button push follow that people have come to love on social media. In fact I have been documenting dicoverability and following on Tumblr and it is amazing.

The problem is the firehose. Social media silos use proprietary data and algorithms to reduce the chronologocal feeds. Tumblr and facebook decide what I see.

On Twitter I could never follow the chrnologogical feed of the thousands I follow. A follow on Twitter is a h/t nothing more. Instead as a human I have to curate my feed using Tweetedeck into 37 different feeds (columns by hashtag).

On Slack, IRC, Telegram, we have channels.

Nobody wants to follow my firehose,or Aaron Parecki's or Chris Aldrich's ....your phone might explode. Between the three of us you may get over 100 updates each day...and that is a low estimate.

What can be done for following and discovering of people? Can we follow people and not feeds while avoiding the firehose? Well bunch of ideas floating around chat:

  • leveraging topical webrings
  • creating h-card directories of people to follow on websites
  • creating a public h-card directory
  • encouraging the use of p-category with key topics/tag in an h-card.
  • adding preffered feeds in your h-card.
  • adding logic to social readers so if you follow someone and they have a feed the same name as a channel you get auto subscribed.

I get not liking feeds. I threw out my RSS feeds after a decade. It just got unmanageable, broken links, impoprted OPML files. So I started rebuiling feeds more my social reader. So much work. I got about half way through, my channels...and then stop...keep meaning to go back....but you know....

Grooming feeds, a crappy experience since 2004.


Greg McVerry

Also if you are a jetpack please do not use the social share buttons in your post (dashboard>settings>sharing>) they are currently going in the body of your post. @dshanske and @pfefferle working on a fix but turn off for now.

Greg McVerry

Attention all @wordpress users, after testing we can say post-kinds is 5.0 compatible BUT do not turn on Gutenberg editor. Post-kinds and other plugins WILL break

Greg McVerry

If your podcast material is openly licensed then makes for a great podcast host

Greg McVerry

why many of us folk do the way we do on . Had amazing opportunity to chat with talented @eddiehinkle on episode here:
We Describe why web matters.