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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


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Greg McVerry

Just a reminder about the language we use around as we look to celebrate the literate lives of

The idea of vocabulary and "30 year language gap" needs revisiting:

The Black home, in all its variety and variance from the single story of "falling behind" has beautiful stories and language throughout.

Let's stop preparing teachers into thinking kids come to school broken.

Addicts get interventions. Not six year olds.

Greg McVerry

Some Thoughts on Parler OR Censorship is Free Speech

Free Speech Not how Free Speech works. Corporations have had the same rights as people since 1886. You want to make a free speech claim need to

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Free Speech

Not how Free Speech works.

Corporations have had the same rights as people since 1886. You want to make a free speech claim need to focus on that precedent. Amazon has the right to allow whatever speech they want on their service or not.

That is their free speech right.

When this is combined with a Term of Service that Parler signed it is more a breech of contract argument and speech has nothing to do with it.

Isn't Parler built on ActivityPub? . Can't people get their own servers in the basement and connect them together? May have dropped it...Hard stack to manage

You want free speech. Own your server.

Corporations have the rights of people. Who you serve as a customer and how you choose to spend money have long precedent as speech, and the more conservative the court gets the stronger free speech precedent in terms or corporations get.

Think about Parler's position. They need to argue that Amazon does not have the right to remove a tool that was used to organize a seditious attack on the Capitol. It is not a tenable or palatable case.


The anti-trust. Yes I can get behind that. Not a free speech argument.

Has nothing to do with free speech. At no time in history have we allowed four corporations to own every single piece of literary practice. We have for the last 12 years. But again I think the answer is get a server in your basement and network with others servers if you want control. As a society we need to do this for our public schools and libraries. Root literacy where it belongs.

Maybe if we did that we wouldn't have a bunch of folks railing against basic math and facts.

Section 230

Section 230 has nothing to do with free speech.

It is a liability shield that does not hold platforms responsible for user generated content.

When conservative voices are calling forregulating social media to ensure free speech they go against free market doctrine. Any attempt to limit free speech by removing the ability for companies to censor would require ISPs to be reclassified as common carriers like other telecommunications. This has not been the goal of the Republican FCC.

Conservatives need to think about the dangers of precedent. You are saying the government has the right to allow any kind of speech on private property. Look at the cases around malls and airports and free speech. In the first example, the private "town square" argument did not hold. In the latter example public safety took precedent

. Should I be allowed to stand on any church grounds and claim I found the true lord and savior in a KFC biscuit? This is what Parler is asking for in their suit.They want Amazon to allow any and all content. They want Amazon to give up the free speech right of censorship.

Parler could not exist without section 230. They would have been sued out of existence from the beginning. This is what makes hearing, "Repeal Section 230 to protect free speech," so silly. It is like the battle cries of, "Stop socialism to keep government hands off my medicare."

Greg McVerry

Patrian Smith "Jim Crow laws impact literacy acquisition. For example, making assessments less white is considered dumbing down"

Greg McVerry

"as consumers and producers of literacy research we are aware of both dog whistles and bullhorns. We need to call out the tropes"

Greg McVerry

Arlette Williams "individual researchers must make a personal commitment to become an anti-racist and we need to define systemic and institutional racism. Literacy research often perpetuates racism" Arlette Willis

Greg McVerry

"literacy research is informed by the currents and undercurrents of racism like every aspect of American lives. Our goal is moved toward anti-racist research" Arlette Willis

Greg McVerry

Now up at Arlette Ingram Willis and Patriann Smith on Toward Anti-Racism in Literacy Research

Greg McVerry

โ€œApprentice along this journey" there is no one path. No monolithic route to literacy" Aaron Johnson

Greg McVerry

"It's not just about their literacy; it about their lives" @alfredtatum

Greg McVerry

Yes: I just registered for Excited to catch up with the latest and greatest in literacy research. Excited for the computational thinking study group.


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