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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites


Greg McVerry

rule one for living: never read anything giving you rules for living

Greg McVerry

@sonniesedge You have to love , you throw a question out on Twitter and somehow magically (it's not magic its an IRC bot...well kinda magic) fourteen people answer the question in under ten minutes. Unlike rest of web, twelve were right

Greg McVerry

I was trying to convince a client to go with @visualthinkery and @bryanmmathers after my spew client said, "He sounds awesome but I want someone who can do something like your laptop stickers"

(All @bryanmmathers originals)

Greg McVerry

One way I do is I will never say I need to update the firmwarw in light bulb. I have automation. Children, "Hey kid, get the light."

Greg McVerry

@edheil Anyone can have free account and syndicate with RSS or JSON from anywhere, but if you want a page (which is also its instance on the Fediverse and you can follow people from Mastodon) you need to pay, worth it for positive community

Greg McVerry

@edheil I only tweet from @withknown, have it set up to where I can choose to syndicate to @microdotblog, my Mastodon Social instance and my Known blog as it's own instance using had LinkedIn going for a while.

Greg McVerry

Do you need to present large amounts of data online? Here is a quick tip: declarative language beats scripting all day long

Greg McVerry

@withknown plugins I would like to see

2 min read Micropub

Currently I can syndicate  to using rss  but these posts are in my stream not published natively to my site.

HTML Notes

I love the auto url and hashtags in the status plugin but sometimes I need HTML

Plus many micropub clients do not work with Known and publish HTML in plain text. 

Gimme a plain box where I can add HTML.keepinf tbge status plugin. 


These are an html way to annotate websites. 

Meme maker

This one is easy enough and one ai am going to try and build at @IndieWebCamp Austin. Basically take the photo plugin and add a container, throw an H1 and H2 on top

Badge Builder

I have been playing with webmention badges a ton. Maybe add a plugin  

Follow Post Type

I currently have a manual until it hurts approach to follow post. Be nice if this is native though maybe it's my social reader that needs a Micropub client to publish follow post. 

Photo Gallery

This may already exist been publishing multi photo posts for awhile.. What makes a gallery? Key question.

Group Post

Known has great privacy controls but still be nice to share a post with specific urls or only members of a web ring. 

Web Ring

Create and manage webrings people joi. By signing up with their own Domain. 


Greg McVerry

A successful Homebrew Website Club New Haven

2 min read

Creating a learnign space on campus for students and alumni to gather to share their experiences has enriched my online teaching and provided students with an avenue for agency and artisty

On 2019-02-06 the local New Haven Homebrew Website Club met. As part of the global movement we join together to hack on websites. For many of my students this means building a site for the first time. For @SCSU alumni who attend they carry the website they began as students out in the real world and bring examples of how they use their sites in their classrooms.

New Name

At Wednesday's meeting we did decide a few things. Participants do not connect with the Homebrew Website Club. They do not know the history of the computer club once attended by Jobs and Gates and do not really care once they learn. So after some discussion we decided to revert our name back to the Elm City Webmakers. We will still host homebrew websiote club meetings but will brand these gatherings of the Elm City Webmakers.

Great Location

picture of room

Huge shout out to Dean Hegedus for building the active learnign lab where we meet. Today I was joined in person by two people. Natalie Caldwell, a student, and Drew McWeeney, an almuni

Awesome Goals

Natalie began byworking on her site. She wanted to learn how to add Bridgy and then to customize fonts and colors. Natalie even played with a bit of microformats

Drew came to the Elm City Webmaker gathering to work on his Grav site. Drew is working on instructional design for the American Red Cross. After discussing why he was using Grav for whta was a single webpage we decided to roll up opur sleeves and learn to spin up a web page by writing HTML.

Overall a great first meeting this month. I am looking forward to seeing even more people in two weeks.

Greg McVerry