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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites

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Greg McVerry

@arete14 Not according to the simple view of reading @ehanford pushes no room for joy of reading, motivation, or writing. It is an empty and bankrupt model of

Greg McVerry

A website second best tool (after paper) for tracking the learnign that happens through choice...well learning happens through reflection on activity, and motivation for the activity increases through choice. track it all on my url

Greg McVerry

Please let us stop conflating grading with feedback. We know the act of measurement changes the motivation to learn but we don't need to worsen the situation by conflating arbitrary numbers with information used to improve performance

Greg McVerry

Meeting My Goals for @IndieWebCamp Austin Project Day

...It's a few hours late but whose website is ever done? They should be the rough draft of your life. I had three things I wanted

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...It's a few hours late but whose website is ever done? They should be the rough draft of your life.

I had three things I wanted to work on as I remoted into IndieWebCamp Austin

  • A Poetry Page
  • A Calendar Page of all my poems
  • A Notes Feed
  • Β 

Poetry Page

I like the way my poetry page turned out. I started at IWC Navrongo last week but I kept messing up the grid.

It was half errant closing tags and three quarters mistakes in my Grid. I returned to Grid By Example, started over and got it done.

I will mess with the fonts some, may add some boders but it works well.

Poetry Port Poems

This page was a lot of fun. More importantly I learned a ton about how different tools that use microformats work.

Notes Page

I am trying to build a feed for my notes. Currently I publish them individually and there is no way to read them all. The main motivation of the poetry page was to see if I could build a calender view of my notes.

I am going to take the lessons I learned building the poetry port page and fix up my notes feed between now and next IWC....I think there is a bit of break...February was crazy busy.


Greg McVerry

Reading for Understanding Toward an R&D Program in Reading Comprehension

All high school graduates are facing an increased need for a high degree ofliteracy,

What do they my by high degree?

Learning to read well is a long-term developmental process. At the end point,the proficient adult reader can read a variety of materials with ease and interest,can read for varying purposes, and can read with comprehension even whenthe material is neither easy to understand nor intrinsically interesting.

capabilities, motivation, and knowledge (XIV)

Those representations include the surface code (theexact wording of the text), the text base (idea units representing the meaning ofthe text), and the mental models (the way in which information is processed formeaning) that are embedded in the text. Electronic text presents particularchallenges to comprehension (e.g., dealing with the non-linear nature of hypertext),

Greg McVerry

@lookforsun Why we always stress teams of 2 or 3 minimum when we help districts craft a Personalized PD plan. Also build in a lot of observation, feedback, and reflection. Time Matters as Much as Motivation

Greg McVerry

@ScottRRocco Motivation and agency improve learning in preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school and , adult learning with teachers no different (maybe a little less mature)

Greg McVerry

Miss Weyel I found your literacy mantra inspiring. We know motivation, and time spent independent reading predicts better literacy outcomes. Yet motivation to read is nowhere in our standards, and efforts at independent reading become chores, wonder why?

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry


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