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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites

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Greg McVerry

Today's daily thought prompt: What builds your self-esteem? Why?

Greg McVerry

Feedback is a story. You can help people grow with positive feedback or make them hate and resent with negative. The math is that simple. A poem I found on the subject by: @techbuddhist

Greg McVerry

Hey here is a video describing our "Learn Something" project for this month: (captions coming soon)
If any or want to join us, just pick something, learn about it, reflect, blog, rinse repeat

Greg McVerry

@hreingold added section to @wikipedia fandom article exploring role of technology and fandom. Share with=students or make edits==. Need to expand fandom article overall, but good start.

Greg McVerry

Hey good article on the unquantified self for people who chose the quantified self as an unselfie project:

Greg McVerry

Your personal website should be the answer to everyone of these questions , anchor your in your identity, model this practice for students, root the web in local communities, not in multinational corporations

Greg McVerry

Maybe the question should be "why do people take risky selfies" but instead "who gets to define risky"

Greg McVerry

@AMistralis People have always done "risky" stuff. They just do risky stuff with a camera phone in their pocket. Selfie culture has helped to shift our gender and sexuality norms.

Greg McVerry

@medeathewriter Very ?? intentionally hospitable communities like @microdotblog do not display false counts of credibility cast on counters of questionable content that seeks algorithmic upheavel to engage and weasel designed to enrage

Greg McVerry

Developing our Shared criteria for blogging in #edu106 #netnarr

2 min read

This week we began clas by first examining patterns we found in our first three weeks of blog posts:

You folks were highly critical of each other and yourself! Please understand that when these patterns emerge it is not the fault of the students but of the instructor not laying out clear expectiations.


Next I role played with you showing two different ways of delivering feedback. I could say, "You folks are giving me single parapgraphs like a 6th grader...."


....or I could base my feedback on growth and say, "While you took a postion your writing would be improved with greater organization and eloboration. You can begin by trying to organize your writing in mutltiple paragraphs. As an elaboration technioque make sure to use evidence from the readings."

Which approach do you think research supports in helping students grow as learners and writers?

Next in small groups you did a turn and talk and as a table developed a list of criteria for good blogging. We then combined this list as a class

list of topics suggested by students

So here are the final criteria

  • Strong organization as evidenced by a central idea, concept, or argument supported by multiple paragraphs, each organized around a central idea. Use of signal worrds and headings.
  • Analysis of the readings that uses evidence from the text, combined with personal observations to support your position.
  • Voice and Expressions emerge over time to create a clear style for the writer
  • Affordances of Multimedia used such as images, links, and movies to enhance your message.

I left the word length requirement off. The 250 words is a suggestion. The correct answer is the exact number you need. Not one more. Not one less.


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