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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites


Greg McVerry

Well it is official, because we have no officials, the Homebrew Website Club New Haven chapter hosted by the @scsu School of Education has renamed ourselves the Elm City Webmakers:

Greg McVerry

That being said I am super stoked about @DeanHegedus apply for 10 million dollars in 2019 goal. Mainly because I want the same opportunities for children of that students throughout CT, who through luck, or decades of racism, have because of zip codes

Greg McVerry

Plus organizing @IndieWebCamp New Haven same weekend. Will have so co-sessions and a#femhack participant invited to everything. We will still leave private spaces for teams and participants for work and reflection.

Greg McVerry

This event will be open to anyone under 25 who does not self-identify as straight or male.

No soylent, Red Bull, or all-nighters.

Instead, childcare, pre-planning meetings, and on-site mentors.

Greg McVerry

Yes! Yes! Excited @scsu has decided to fund , our feminist pedagogy hackathon 3/30-3/31, with award. We would have pulled off the event with guerilla funding but glad to know school recognizes benefits to

Greg McVerry

@actualham @cathieleblanc can both join me for Homebrew Website Club 1/23 5:30 est, just made migration from WordPress to Known. I just wanted a website that not only worked but also worked well and with , hard to do with WordPress

Greg McVerry

Awesome message from @scsu Alumni #nhv

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Excited for Homebrew Website Club-New Haven to start back up next semester getting a ton of interest from alumni. Here is one great note I received:

You may not remember me but I was in EDU 106 ( . I hope this message finds you well! EDU 106 was one of my favorite classes and has actually aided in my pursuit of a marketing career. In particular a Digital Marketing career. I recently received a SEO Certification after receiving an E-Business Certification. Ever since your class I have been obsessed with the online space and how marketing is leveraging various platforms (especially social media). I am currently striving for a Google Adwords certification as I finish up my Internship at Krative in New Haven

People who never thought about a career in technology chose paths when they saw the power of getting online. I am excited to have Ren Costanti join us at HWC.

Also if any firm needs a committed worker with growing digital marketing skills and a clear track record of commitment let me know and I can pass on a resume

Greg McVerry

Such a loss for I had the pleasure of getting to know Todney Harris through our GIS grant at @SCSU his insights as a teacher and historian were invaluable. He touched so many young lives.

Greg McVerry

It was a great day at @scsu thank you @deanhegedus @amriad , @mozilla, @literacygnh for fighting for digital equity in . Already talk of scaling up the conference and making it an annual event.

Greg McVerry

I get to teach High School classes!! #GearUpWorks #NHV #connectedlearning

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flickr photo shared by Hldrmn under a Creative Commons ( BY-ND ) license

We held  our first session of Power and Passion-Writing for Change as part of . I am always inspired by the scholars who join us.

This semester Gear Up New Haven is offering after school academic programs on our main campus. New Haven Public Schools has donated the transportation and SCSU has donated the faculty time to run classes in math, English, and the Arts.

As literacy and technology coordinator I curate the learnign opportunities in the literacy strand. Mainly I just show up and learn.

In our first session we completed a challenge in the "Letters to the Next President" series. Specifically we completed a "Do Now" that had students define what it meant to be politically enaged. We recorded our definitions using iPads and I will be remixing these into a video.

Next week we will have two tasks:

Words have power. They are shaped by those with power to mantain a narrative and words provide power to the powerless. In our class this semster we are asking youth, "How will you use your words?"