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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


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Greg McVerry

EDU #506 As We Are Examinging Different Ways of Questioning Text Structure get Creative in Your #literacies Task #poetryport

3 min read

Maybe it is
on me
I limited choice
rather than watch
as it drifted through
seas of possibilities
you can interrogate a text
through novel quests
like a comic
which flips through
understandings in dialectical frames
or perhaps Found poems
inference far stronger
of the main idea

Check out how Kevin Hodgson summarized a book in comics

Following Kevin's lead I decided to use Found poems as a way to take to notes of a book I am currently reading.

An open life : Joseph Campbell in conversation with Michael Toms

You can find my feed of found poems here:

Do ways of representing
start denting
the pool of minutes
yes but the understanding
within us
through slow reading
and remix strengthens
the negotiation of meaning.

Greg McVerry

@tutormentorteam Happy to add any doing the sponsored by the @writingproject and @NatlParkService to both our RSS Planet and the web ring

Greg McVerry

I have long respected @BRCrandall out reach with under represented voices and his cherishing silenced narratives. More importantly he awakens those once silenced.

I would love a chance to collaborate and think of NWP regional events.

-@wiobyrne, I , and a crew of others used to organize the print2pixel unconference. What about writing unconferences? Not really grant funded just some local begging.

-I am also creating the Youth Zone at our Women's Studies conference this year. Its in April. Thinking of doing some activitites. I would love to co-sponsor the space with CT Writing Project. Even better if you want to bring young women to share their voice.

-I am also the Gear Up coordinator for literacy. I will be running a class for 11th graders every Monday?Wednesday. We will be doing some SAT prep but mainly, writing, and .

-Local affiliates should look to partner and run activities with the in your state. Even better if you can write your involvement into the 2018 calls when they come out. Build the relationships now.


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