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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites


Greg McVerry

@scsustudentgov Good question about We should talk as I am very involved in ohh yeah and I agree the LEP has to go. @SCSU !

Greg McVerry

Read How Little People Can Be Invisible in the Open #cccert

This is a story of how powerful people’s voices are louder, get heard, used, perpetuated, even when they’ve been influenced by little people. And power here is relative, of course. Most people in this story are not the littlest 

Even worse: I see many people acknowledging different perspectives on open pedagogy now BUT STILL going on to use David’s “OER-enabled” after they have “recognized” the existence of the other definitons by Cronin and DeRosa/Jhangiani.

My OER keynote was entitled “Hiding in the Open”. But now I am thinking how, there is also a story to be told about being “Invisible in the Open”. And for an Egyptian scholar living in Egypt, I am the most visible I can possibly be, with all my Virtually Connecting and blogging and writing and publishing everywhere… but clearly it’s not enough – and I am not just amplifying my own voice, but that of others around me, and then it makes an influence, an impact, but in the end… is almost invisible. Except to those in the same corner. But not the mainstream. And that sucks.

Important words. I never got into the research circles. They tangentially crossed over a ton with the folks but I could never write a proposal to clique in that niche.

I know Maha Bali influences how I view learning and teaching. Proud to have her as a mentor and a friend.

The best part, Maha actually builds and teaches courses using open pedagogy. not just making a career-defining  or designing open pedagogy courses to define open pedagogy.

Maha applies these techniques to other domains because open pedagogy and learning by building the commons is

By Maha Bali

Greg McVerry

@PACESconsulting @projunicorn I don't trust any of the standards boards. The vocabularies around secretive, messy, more talk than implementation and the

Everyone talking metadata and interoberability but nobody building.

debacle to shady.

Greg McVerry


just found one of my textbooks for my class moving online this semester.

Greg McVerry

The "benevolent dictator for life" model isn't a good way to sustain or why should a platform I use have to go through such dramatic change because Weebly and Wix threaten Automattic's business model

Greg McVerry

If your podcast material is openly licensed then makes for a great podcast host

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

OER, Higher Ed, and the Commons | EconProph

loves this idea of commons as a verb especially as I read about Dewey and experiencing as democracy/

Greg McVerry

After and some initial research I believe the time is ripe for the movement to embrace basic standards and create documentation that encourages learning resources to be the plainest html possible.

Small HTML files are the most universal, the most accessible, and the least data costly. Shared standards are a issue.

Also listening back to @opencontent keynote comparing purists and pragmatists...The differences wouldn't matter if we had open standards. (my draft ideas:

Yet I also fear an "new wine old bottle" problem with emergence of tools. Why are we building things only machines can read? If we continue down this route maybe some of Dave's darker questions come true. Again some simple standards around html markup and a community push can help ensure open stays open.

Greg McVerry

In doing research on the history of standards for marking up html resources I am now beginning to think @oercommons is an "open silo" I can't access anything without signing, there is no documentation on how the resource builder works, and no library I can not access without sharing personal data

site says it is CC by-nc-sa but I see no link to any repo or code repository seems a resource is nothing more than an iframe
<div class="iframe-loading js-iframe-loading" title="100 People: A World Portrait"></div>