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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites

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Greg McVerry

I have been looking for a new term for "knowledge brokering." I don't like social capital. The economic metaphors make me feel icky. After today's @vconnecting at and maybe Knowledge Knitting is the term I want.

Greg McVerry

After and some initial research I believe the time is ripe for the movement to embrace basic standards and create documentation that encourages learning resources to be the plainest html possible.

Small HTML files are the most universal, the most accessible, and the least data costly. Shared standards are a issue.

Also listening back to @opencontent keynote comparing purists and pragmatists...The differences wouldn't matter if we had open standards. (my draft ideas:

Yet I also fear an "new wine old bottle" problem with emergence of tools. Why are we building things only machines can read? If we continue down this route maybe some of Dave's darker questions come true. Again some simple standards around html markup and a community push can help ensure open stays open.

Greg McVerry

Hey Aaron

I haven't read Ian's piece yet but I can guess where it's going. It's the same place you have been traveling with us. You know the destination..just over the horizon, to the left when you look right and yonder over right when you glance left.

Cathie rocks. Her call for the mindset first made me rethink how onboarding works. Do you plan for the person knocking on your door or hang a welcome sign in the yard?

I am exploring and contributing to the WordPress community for a variety of reasons. First I want to say thanks to folks like David Shanske and Chris Aldrich by giving back to the community.

I also believe in the goals found on and the principles of the community. If my school has a social justice mission this must include protecting the web and more importantly the people who use the web.

To this end I usually onboard people on the web through WordPress so learning about the user experience in spaces that we want to intentionally to design groom the mindsets Cathie discusses is critical. Focusing on the importance of owning your data and shaping your privacy requires long conversations with learners. I can't contribute much to the plug-ins beyond some basic design but I can do user research and help shape tools to make the experience more user friendly.

I also see evidence of the headless CMS I have always wanted is closer with technologies. We have all taught through RSS for some time. There are short comings but I see a future that addresses our issues while still preserving "loosely connected" learning.

I am especially thinking about OER and course materials. I wonder how microformats can be used to make our courses more remixable while providing attribution to creators. It startled me when I asked about OER18 about standards and all I could find was documentation from 2013. The elements of instructional design are not endless. We can develop the classes to get this done.

I also know markup can be counted. Things that can be tallied can often be modeled. I don't want all the machine learning models and AI in education to be new silos. I want to think long term as an OER community not simply about resources but about the future. A standard language today will ensure we all have access to the bots of tomorrow.

I also want to think about our role in Higher Education. For the last five years I have tried to dedicate 15-20% of my work each week to open source projects. I believe we need to fundamentally rethink what counts as research in higher education. We need to push for open data when possible, community based research, and flexibility over fidelity. So I am contributing to because I believe I can still conduct research that meets the rigorous standards of the academy while creating community and not simply chasing citations.

Greg McVerry

Pre-Planning Blog Posts

Pre-Planning Blog Posts

Every blog post I write I pre-plan. I also use my favorite edtech: paper. Here is the start on my reflection ot Dave Wiley's keynote. So glad the keynotes were streamed and archive going through each now and sharing my thoughts.

Greg McVerry

@ottonomy Yes that is my ultimate goal. I asked around at it looks like a group met around 2013 and wrote some standards around metadata. Looked at @moodle metadata standards as well.

I have my repos up now, but not publishing to gh-pages yet. Maybe I should.

My ultimate goal is to have one file for each module and not have to update my syllabus and course websites separately.

I also commonly (and this is just my fault) make quick changes to website without changing files in my repo. Just log into CPanel.

I might be leaning more towards microformats just because I can wrap my head around it, and I'd rather build around a community than Google.

Greg McVerry

I just joined @virtuallyconnecting at the conference and I didn't have to get out my pajamas. Woke up to ice on this "Spring Break" day.

Greg McVerry

@phb256 Yeah its the first four chapters on the "Why"

Greg McVerry

Here is a link to an early draft of a book on open pedagogy @wiobyrne and I will never finish:

Greg McVerry

A lot of talk at about missing southern voices. Maybe one way to increase involvement would be to offer or in a southern hemisphere nation?

Greg McVerry

Interoperability does have a legacy cost but if we put effort into our metadata and standards tools can be built like the oer commons resource builder and Google Docs importer to make easier on everyday people.

We can get there I am commenting on the feed from my own website using tools.

I get to own my data and decide where to share it.


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