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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites


Greg McVerry

A year ago for I wrote about why HTML works for OER and why OER needs to work for HTML a year later happens and @goifoundation needs to rethink "remote learning"

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

Responses from Twitter on my idea of replacing Knowledge Brokering with Knowledge Knitting #oer19 #oer

In reply to My rando thoughts @francesbell@glittrgirl Hey both, can you help? @jgmac1106 is "collecting recent (older would be even better) references to knitting or quilts

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In reply to My rando thoughts

@francesbell@glittrgirl Hey both, can you help? @jgmac1106 is "collecting recent (older would be even better) references to knitting or quilts that have come up at #oer conferences want to reframe knowledge brokering as knowledge kniting in our agentive apprenticeship model."

There lot of references to quilts at the year’s OER19 because of @KateMfD keynote. I did a search of Twitter for “#OER19 quilt” very productive “#OER19 knit” one surprise. You could do this for each year’s hashtag then follow up blog streams of tweeters. David Gauntlett?-

Thx @FranceBell why knowledge knitting, because i do not like the metaphor of knowledge brokering and social capital. To me learning and innovation is not an economic model. Need a new metaphor for…

@ltaub has written beautifully about weaving as knowledge work. I do agree this is different to the metaphorical lean that comes with brokering. It’s about craft practices, craft resources and craft product. What we make together.

Yes I like these metaphors for making stuff alone and collectively. I quite often think about writing as bringing different 'threads' together and there are of course also threads of posts which add up to conversations.

and in my idea of agentive apprenticeship, which is how learning happens in innovation systems this weaving is both done by humans, networks, and spaces until patterns emerge that become stable much like craft and quilts

I also wanted to pick an artisanal industry to capture the #feminist #pedagogy needed in innovation systems if they will ever have real impact at the system level. While I am at risk by picking an engendered art I feel it is more an honoring of tradition. way learning always be

I think instead of trying to write up this section of the chapter I might just have to quote this thread. What you folks speak of is beauty. Always wonder how better the world would be if argumentation wasn't considered our highest form of discourse.

You have all taught me this is where decolonization must be...I believe the heteronormative practice of argumentation as Truth so rooted in the Western world is just as responsible for history as any accident of latitude. It's all attitude.

Begin*not be
but then can it be
before it begins
An open
Before existance
Maybe it is
Shit. Is this what Shakespeare
Chicken, egg?


Greg McVerry

@bonstewart I was thinking we just take your session from and make it an easy blogging challenge (because is 3 ways you contribute to the web, is the social web good or bad, how will you bring your values to the web,....

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry

making next module live. Can follow along or get head start on "sloppy copy" @glitch. To I try to keep the instructional design and the HTML as simple as possible. most remixable, localisable, accessible IMO

Greg McVerry

@francesbell on a rainbow background. Will make a badge for people's site. What do you think should be criteria, attend session post link as proof, blog about tech and feminist pedagogy, be recommended as ally? Thinking any of three

Greg McVerry

@cathycasserly I dunno the soft money from @Hewlett_Found and @macfound been both blessing and curse for shifting priorities... and when the faucet stops so much folds up. rather microgrants rather than lofty goals, bloated non profits, and vaporware

Greg McVerry

For remote folks near Brighton, UK there is a Homebrew Website Club meeting at @clearleft tonight...If you are gonna remix...might as well find warmth in the quilt of the best:

Greg McVerry

Make the stitching of the quilt visible, get some funky threads and teach folks to sew their own quilts of open goodness. What a great @vconnecting session


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