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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites


Greg McVerry

@JayneLammers Hopefully with the attendance at remote events people will realize that having more people, even at a discount come in person or online. Isn't only the right thing to do it is still more revenue.

Greg McVerry

EDU106 Portfolio Module

  Goal of the Module You will create a portfolio website that tracks your efforts to make yourself or the world a better place. There are a

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Goal of the Module

You will create a portfolio website that tracks your efforts to make yourself or the world a better place. There are a number of ideas you can choose from:

  • Learn and teach a classic family recipe.
  • Join an online movement
  • Do a two week long quantified self project (diet,exercise, reading, digital detox)
  • Making a mental health guide
  • tracking a compost project
  • time management
  • Reflection Portfolio
  • and many more


Portfolio Requirements

  • An introduction: covering your so what, why, and how.
  • An About Me page (may include the intro)
  • A digital essay on the topic including an Ignite Talk and Timeline
  • Survey Data: Must include some descriptive statistics and a few charts. People like shiny charts
  • Your chosen pathway (see below)
  • Two backstage posts. As you work on your project publish two blog post explaining what you did, how you did it, what went wrong, or what went well. Basically you are providing us a sneak peak behind the scenes


You will choose one of the following pathways:

  • Podcast
  • Photography
  • Video


  • 60 minutes of content: one 60 min show; two 30 min shoe; 6 ten minute shows, 30 two minute shows, etc.
  • Make a bumper for in between scenes or segments
  • Make an intro bumper
  • If you do not know how to do these things you may check YouTube, come to design studio, preferably both


  • Collection of 7-10 photos that tell a story or share an artistic theme
  • Use a filter
  • Use multiple layers
  • Combine images
  • You will upload each image here on your blog and we will use the url on your portfolio website.
  • You can use for these tasks or any photo editing software of your choice that allows layers
  • If you do not know how to do these things you may check YouTube, come to design studio, preferably both


  • Single video or series of videos. Research shows <7 minutes most effective
  • Must include a bumper or intro
  • Add an audio track, either music or voice over
  • Splice (use two timelines) two different videos
  • Image and text overlays
  • Include a captions file
  • You can apply for a free trial on WeVideo or use video software of your choice
  • If you do not know how to do these things you may check YouTube, come to design studio, preferably both



Week One 2020-11-30 to 2020-12-07



Patricia Carinin Art of Teaching

Teaching Better

Go to our shared Padlet. Add your comments as to what SCSU are doing well and need to do better during 100% remote learning


Define good teaching


Choose a topic and pathway and make a timeline on the choice


Week Two 2020-12-07 to 2020-12-14



David Cormier (2008). Rhizomatic Education : Community as CurriculumBlog Post

Colin Mathews (2016). Unwelcome InnovationInstitute of Higher Education Essay


Work on your portfolio


Plan your Ignite Talk


Week Three 2020-12-14 to 2020-12-19


  • Record your ignite talk
  • Finish your Portfolio
  • Come to Demo Day (Final)


Ignite How To Video


How to Make the Slideshow

Student Examples

Timeline Tutorial 

How to Copy Portfolio Page

Making Survey Questions

How to Analyze Google Forms

How to Add Your Why

How to Record your Ignite Talk

How to Add Video to Glitch

How to Add a Poster to Video

How to Add Images to Glitch

How to Build an Image Grid with Flexbox

How to Do the Survey Section

Greg McVerry

Ten Tips for Online Teaching Online from LRA Coffee Hours #lra2020

Tip 1: Do intro videos and two check in videos twice a year
 Tips 2: Schedule individual sessions ask students to come with a question
 Tip 3:

1 min read

Tip 1: Do intro videos and two check in videos twice a year

Tips 2: Schedule individual sessions ask students to come with a question

Tip 3: Rely on what you know about good teaching

Tip 4: Use synchronous meeting

Tip 5: Use breakout rooms

Tip 6: Simple navigation improves learning

Tip 7: Build in offline activities

Tip 8: Make podcasts for students so they can learn from screen

Tip 9: Use base groups in large online classes

Tip 10: Have students lead content discussions

Greg McVerry

1 of 4 conditions to attend a conference
1. Pay Me.
2. Be open source or moving to open
3. Be fully online and striving for remote parity as planet is melting,
4. Be near family to help with 3 and also 1 in a way of reduced cost

Greg McVerry

If you are looking for PD opportunities check out a lot of vibes at conference. Though you like me last thing you want after days of online teaching is days of online PD

Greg McVerry

@AJKandy Use a pomodoro timer lot of tomato timers online and you can set the interval

Greg McVerry

Hey CT BOR if you are going to talk about the accessibility requirements for online learning you should caption your videos

Greg McVerry

Hey @scsu #edu106 here is your MidTerm

Reflection Drives Learning

2 min read

You need to create a spreadsheet or document to answer the following questions:

  • Did you post a reflection of your reading by tracing the shape of a TV show (2020-09-06)
  • Did you write a blog post on how shapes affect stories 2020-09-06
  • Did you complete a free choice blog post? 2020-09-06
  • Did you trace the shape of a popular communication tool like email? 2020-09-09
  • Did you take notes on "why we take a selfie?" 2020-09-21
  • Did you post an unselfie? 2020-09-21
  • Did you post your notes on School and Identity readings? 2020-09-28
  • Did your explore your identity as a learner 2020-09-30
  • Did you complete a free choice post? 2020-09-30
  • Did you complete 5 photo challenges? 2020-10-15
  • Did you build a website with a homepage and a second page with photos (part of your final)

You must include a working link to an artifact as Observable Evidence. If you need help linking to artifactsa in Microsoft Teams let me know or drop by Design Studio and we can hack on some solutions.

Then consider the module objectives:

  • Examine the selfie as an artifact of identity
  • Explore learner identities and the impact this has on learning.
  • Explore the impact learning and education have on identities.
  • Annotate a research article for descriptive statistics
  • Students will be able to use and create structured electronic documents.
  • Students will be able to use graphical and multimedia technologies.

Now considering the artifacts you submitted evaluate those against the objectives and then choose your grade.

If we agree that is your midterm. If we do not we will meet until we come upon a grade we agree upon.

How to Submit

You must write a paragraph or two explaining yoru grade choice and how it reflects the mastery of your objectives.

Then include a paragraph or two on what you learned about yourself as a learner and how we learn to learn online. Set some learning goals for the second half of the semster.

h/t and all the imaginary extra credit points you want for using our key vocabulary from the module in your writing:

Bell Curve, Kurtosis, Skewness, D(d)iscourses, remix, creative commons, text structure, narrative, semiotics

Greg McVerry

Today's @scsu to-do list. Tip for students plan for remote #highered success by setting daily goals.


2 min read

Looking for a an action packed day today.

-Early on I had some ideas for the working group that kept festering on my hike yesterday. So did some hacking on Working Group tasks before house woke up.

-Dropped kids off at school and checked the six online classes I teach this semester. Dropped in to share my love of Erik B and Rakim (this week doing best hiphop duos of 90s recommendations welcome)

-Then it will be a morning full of interviewing Southern Connecticut State University students seeking admission into our College of Education programs to become teachers.

-Will hop back into teacher mode and record some videos for where students are getting their roles assigned in our weekly discussions. Then over to show students how to use a wiki to add our book reviews.

-By lunch I transition to camp a free remote technology camp for middle schoolers. Camp starts at 15:00 so want to finalize lesson plans and hire a student worker to help with the work load.

(DM for donation materials all moneys go to getting free computers and training to families in New Haven)

-Then after dinner I have to rectify the books as treasurer for East Haddam Little League...little behind on the books.

Greg McVerry

I do feel for teachers... Running a synchronous hybrid classroom is hardest of all instructional design.

At same time web 30 years old. Fact this many teachers illiterate, unable to read and write online is a national disgrace.


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