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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites


Greg McVerry

Hey #edu506 This module you need to make a lesson on a multimodal text here are a few examples

3 min read

My advice is to first make a multimodal text.....See the Write task where I ask you to respond to a text with a multmodal could use that.....

Make a text and design a lesson around it. This is what I did with

I first did this planning on the Google Doc I can now turn this into a lesson plan.

I know this sounds backwards, and I never have you start with the product but you need to know you can make a multimodal text.

Technology Not Required

Mutlimodal does not mean digital and digital does not mean multimodal. My favorite way to teach students to read poetry is multimodal and has students design collages.

Make a Podcast

Here is my 2toPonder series and my poetry series. Want to make a podcast, just record on your phone or laptop and upload the file somewhere.

Use Paper

In my literacy mantra I made a flip book like explanation. I just stacked my phone camera on a bunch of books.

I also do little clip art talks with paper cut outs

You can do "In Plain English" style videos. I always pre write a script. I like to divide it into three columns, the text, me, and ay actions.


Use a Voice Animation Program

Use a Sock Puppet App

This is one of many sock puppets apps on iOS devices that kids love.

Use a text to Speech App

These are fun as all you have to do is type and it gets converted to text. So many uses in the langauge arts classroom.

I made a video about RSS Planets recently for .

Do a Pecha Flickr

 You can make a timeline

TimelineJS is a great tool. You turn a Google spreasheet into an interactive multimedia task.

Use Movie Making Apps

So many choices for movie making apps. Yoiu can make book trailers in iOS, short clips in Animoto or try WeVideo on Chrome.

Use an Animation App

There are so many choices on different platforms for animation apps. The key is to remember to enhance your pedagogical goal. What is the animation giving you that just talking to the camera wouldn't? Time is precious.

Use Poetry


More poetry ideas

Make a Website

From a fake Facebook page, movie posters, poems to a Star Wars crawler. You can use ELA content to master the basics of how we read, write, and participate online.

Check out this collection of activities

Greg McVerry

Reflections on #credweb Community Group 2020-04-08 Meeting

4 min read

Yesterday the credible web group got together to do some though excercises as we get closer to building a credibility rating engine.

We began, and I did not have time to participate by rating credibility of public figures. You can see an example on the Google Doc using this framework.

I would rather link the credibility rating to a person canonical website than a social media silo but the tools we are trying to develop are directed more at social networks and journalistic publishers.

Still having your own place online is the first step to credibility and I think we should try to "attach" ratings to a person canonical ID. Not having a website, while a reflection of priviledge, is in itself a loss of credibility.

We then tried this thought excercise and didn't finish in the hour call because this stuff is hard. Common problems we had : should credibility be domain specific? is action required? how big of a scale do we need to ensure enough variance but not threaten internal consitency?

My thoughts

Some quick bytes:

  • you can't separate expertise from domain
    • we discussed relying on   self affirmed expertise. "I know Sandro. I know he is an expert in web standards. Sandro says he is an expert in auto mechanics. Therefore I trust Sandro with my car." This to me is way too fraught with engendered and cultural bias. A white male from the dominant narrative is way quicker to label themselves an expert
  • The action kept throwing me. Must we have an action be involved on a credibility rating?
    • The US  Georgia Governor said, "We just learned how contagious covid-19 is" I now trust him less. Not going tochange my actions. I would love to give him 4 pinnochio noses in my credibility browser extension

Is 1st degree and  2nd degree network effect enough?
I feel like I kind of already include credibility statements for the people I follow:

  • each person is arranged by domain of knowledge. I do include their first person expertise statements.
  • I have four different levels of trust "acquaintance, colleague, friend, muse" I use xfn for this like rel="muse"

This isn't a solution for the cred web work, just another example.. It isn't json-ld. It parses into JSON well so converting it to extra data to stick somewhere in the file wouldn't be hard once there are tools to try (the pinochio broswer extension doesn't exist).

I follow Sandro and he is more than acquaintance. He follows Subbu and says he is an expert in journalism. Therefore when I follow Subbu he gets some credibility points toward journalism. The more 2nd degree points Subbu gets the higher Subbu's credibility rating on a goven domain.

This is a little suspect to confirmation bias. Hard to eliminate the "being human part" and the idea that there is ever an objective credibility rating is nonsensical.

Can we annotate for credibility?
Back to the Kemp example. If I read this: I would want to be able to do something like:

<blockquote> <a class="h-card" href="" tag="dumbass"> Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp </a> said he wasn't aware that asymptomatic people could transmit coronavirus as he announced he was preparing to issue a state-wide shelter-in-place order. <cite> <a href=""> Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Says He Didn't Know Asymptomatic People Could Transmit Coronavirus </a> </cite> </blockquote>

If enough 2nd degree people gave Brian Kemp a dumbass rating in my network then my browser would then add four pinochios, four pants on fire, whatever, after any Brtian Kemp mention that also linked to any page

Sorry for not using JSON-LD. I do not know it well enough yet. Easier for me to think in way where I can make my text and metatdata human readable at the same time. I will try and figure out how to mark up my example and add the data back in again  as JSON-LD.

Greg McVerry

So many @scsu students untold heroes in fight against covid-19. Every student now taking classes online and I am finding ecently sent home college students provide the bulk of the childcare keeping our medical professionals working

Greg McVerry

my started up a wiki.goal to encourage people to read,record, and/or write a book review of children's bookhouse or one online. We want to see how many and schools get involved

Greg McVerry

If @wested calls me 1 more time to fill out their stupid marketing survey I'm gonna flip my lid. Hound you for weeks, no stop, day in, day out. Every single one of my students just went online. You think I care about some dumb @wested survey

Greg McVerry

Hey my students trying to create a global children's literature wiki though with the shift to remote learning we started to curate read-alouds and discussion techniques that can be used online. Join us:

Greg McVerry

Just think about the reduction in the carbon footprint with moving online, each academic conference you attend raises your footprint 7% higher than the average person.

Greg McVerry

Hey educators moving online, want a greener, more accessible web?

Do you collaborative editing in a wiki not Google Docs, Just checked same article in both places. 56 MB for the gDoc and 17.12 kb for my wiki! Massively smaller

Greg McVerry

Creating the #IndieWeb CourseWare with @ReviewTalentFS and @withknown thanks to @scsu and @uconn start-up grant

3 min read

Anyone who has followed my meandering path into the knows much of what I do gets driven by teaching.

Our company ReVIEW Talent Feedback System brings this vision to teacher coaching, evaluation and feedback. Reflection and learning should drive classroom improvement.

To that end, we partnered with the Known Open Collective to add learning and reflection to our our platform. We want to help open source learning tools. As part of a start up grant we got from Southern Connecticut State University and University of Connecticut we had three goals

  • Add Single Sign On through OAuth
  • Create a blogging platform to drive coaching and growth through reflection
  • Create an online course builder

OAuth Plugin

The first goal involves a bunch of plumbing. I won't get into this as much to say is what let's you sign into websites with your school email or a social media button. We did do and release all of the development open source. People are already using the OAuth pluging to connect Known to Moodle. That's cool. Open source helps knowledge spread.

Blogging Platform

The second goal derives from ten years of experience in teacher quality and evaluation. We learned important lessons. Mainly we want to measure teacher quality but don't really have the tools yet. Rubric driven observation and coaching does improve efficacy of teaching...jury still out on achievement.

We wanted to give educators a chance to reflect on their growth outside of, but connected to their talent management platform. So we have added the ability to host a school wide network using the software of the Known Open Collective. In fact we donate 50% of any revenue from the reflection blog tools back to the Collective

Course Builder Plugin

I am most excited about the course builder plugin. I have always wanted an IndieWeb course builder and this open source tool is now closer to reaility. We have a few kinks to iron out before we release to the wild for beta testing but I thought I would provide an early view.

You start by clicking on a new course.

You can then design the front page of the course and add course objectives and a code of conduct

adding objectivesThis allows you to include course goals on the front page

add modules and tasksYou can then click on a button to add a schedule or events or add a module.

add a readingOn each module page you get the option to add description, a featured image, a video, and readings.

This is a screenshot of the live module page. We will change the way the reading displays.

My favorite feature, every task is its own page. That means educators or learners can send in artifacts of learning as a webmenton. Meaning they do the learning on their own websites and just link to the task.

The instructor will then be able to see all submissions in one place, while the learner mantains control over their work!

Next Steps

Even cooler we will use this feature for an upcoming webmention badges plugin.

We also need to develop the APIs for the rubrics built into REVIEW Talent Feedback System so we can display scales inside of Known or pull posts into ReVIEW. This goal is more long term.

Also on IndieNews

Greg McVerry

Ben having fun in his 3rd Grade online class, they had a list of experiments or things to build at home and then had to make a video sharing what they did. Ben used @screencasto


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