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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites

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Greg McVerry

@KristinGrogan I interviewed for a position in English Education at Rutgers and the call was for someone steeped in post modern traditions with strong quantitative research skills. I think a poet singing mosquito that cures malaria more likely

Greg McVerry

Checked into Davis Hall Curriculum and Learning Department Meeting

Joined by Prez and Provost

After intro Beena asks, "It seems P&T wants more research but we don't have time with a 12 credit load. How do we balance this with other departments who teach 9 credits"

Pres joe, "Been hearing that since I got here that we focus too much on research, but frankly that is not true. The data does not show it. 100% of P&T apps approved."

Provost Bob, "When I got here I thought the 12 credit load was stifling. The astounding amount of suffer. We have published 200 books and 500 peer reviewed journals. Despite heavy credit load we are very productive. We need to find a way to get to a 3-3 load for faculty."

"We need to change the P&T and contract to allow clinical faculty who excel at teaching"

Carlos asked, "What else is coming along the lines of improvement?"

Prez Joe, "lot of challenges, community colleges offering free tuition, UCONN offering smoke and mirror promises aboiut free tuition under 50k , we all already do that. We need to be more fluid in transfer students. We need to think about modality of delivery. The profile of University has improved in 5 years."

Regine, "Asks about changes in certification programs. "

Prez Joe, "Financial aid very complicated. It is like taxes always changing. I can't speak to specific issues but call in financial aid and enrollment directions"

Greg (me) asks about the hostility of BoR. Heads knodding indicate agreement.

I then ask about curricular flexibility, "I note the WL is stupid and LEP is a useless program."

Prez Joe, "I have asked for 6, 18 mo goals. Some I can control. Many I can not. We will invest in department that want flexibilty."

Provost Bob, "notes that we can't make major changes for about two years."

Helen asks, "What is your goal for the community colleges."

Prez Joe, "I want to strengthen those. We need to offer Houstatonic Bachelor degrees. Students need to be able to complete their assoiciates and then get a bachelors degree."

Adam suggests that we offer 1-2 classes everywhere.He says, "We also have good news we offer an agreement for their post-bacc"

Greg McVerry

But more important for is C: A growing body of research suggests these types of networks are the only types that survive. Look at past examples listserv, , , . Groups that do survive, groups that talk fade away

Greg McVerry

@Cynthinee fear (and my initial research confirms) that problem much worse. Privacy isn't default on silos or open platforms. It takes technical skills. Those who may want, or worse need, to stay private may not have background knowledge to do so.

Greg McVerry

@Cynthinee Thx: presentation. Major conclusion of preliminary research: you can click on the prev link to get to start (haven't had the chance to edit and add all the next links....can only read backwards... for now

Greg McVerry

Code of Conduct EDU 522

Video Data

If this class involves video projects you will never be required to show your face. If you do a group project all group members must consent before a video upload. Any group member has the right of refusal. You can email if your would like to ask for a video removal without letting your other group members know.

Never require anyone to show their face or record their voice for an class or research. Some may be from marginalized community and fear immigration. Many, and this falls along gendered lines, simply do not want their face recorded. This anxiety can impact learning.

Everything in is the same as , but I added an accessibility policy. Caption those videos folks, use alt image...ohh BTW semantic HTML is the most accessible approach to

For students taking the class in the open every effort will be made to ensure learning activities are accessible. We will try to remember our "alt" tags and providing text based alternatives to video and screencast tutorials.

We may not know best practices for accessibility on the web. If you find something we could do different please let us know.

Greg McVerry

Privacy & Research Guidelines - The #WalkMyWorld Project

These community guidelines were adapted from Ito (2014). CC 2.0. Community Guidelines for Research Activity. which were in turned taken from a study of the open course, Rhizo 14.

This was taken from somewhere else. Folks have done good thinking around syllabi and statements of open. Don't reinvent the wheel

This may leave you with a few questions: What about privacy? What does "public" and "in the open" mean? What will you do with my data?

Open is not private, private is not open. You can engage in and still be private

This includes Public posts, comments, and artifacts shared on sites, apps and platforms such as Twitter, G+, blogs, Facebook, and Zeega:

Wow Google+ gone. Zeega...gone....Twitter selling third party data and ads...See why privacy and open shoudl begin with students owning theirt data. This is why makes sense

Online communication, such as tweets, blog posts, and comments are generally out in the open and technically β€œpublic” and available for researchers to analyze and quote. Internet researchers have, however, documented how a particular communication may be technically public but viewed by the individual who posted it as meant for a more limited or private context.

Doing what is legal and what is right is not the same thing. Yes I could use this data to my heart content or can I? Is requiring students to use a social network silo truly open pedagogy? Making them allow someone to sell their data?

Participants in may also be contacted and recruited to participate in surveys and interviews for specific research studies. In these cases, it will be incumbent upon the researcher to offer a clear explanation of the consent and privacy procedures, how the data will be used, and what benefit the research will provide to the individual and the community. The researcher should also consider offering interviewees the opportunity to review transcripts and quotes.

IRB still matters when doing OER research

Greg McVerry

Here is a quick video on a strategy to read qualitative research. I first describe the historical differences of qualitative and quantitative research, then show how you can use concept maps to read qual research:

Greg McVerry

Wow great job exploring your goals and creating a timeline. Good research and use of images. Timeliens provide us an interesting medium for telling stories,

Greg McVerry

Let's be honest have their been massive replicable results or any new literacy research in the last 30 years? Not so much.. Oh yeah... Schools be as nimble as sunken battleships.


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