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Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites

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Greg McVerry

Here is a great project from @dogtrax using the @noaa bullshit remixer Remix your own and become @realdonaldtrump favorite weatherman (he would never say meteorologist...keep the man in misogyny)

Greg McVerry

@npr @nweleveners If you want to join @noaa in making stuff up about the weather rather than relying on science I made a project for folks to remix their nonsense statement.

Greg McVerry

@dogtrax Your link works fine, To share the published page on @glitch it would be: this link is to your project!! Great job. So glad @noaa got into digital storytelling with

Greg McVerry

& looks like @noaa has gotten into our digital storytelling business. Made a @noaa bullshit remixer you can use to tell your own stories and make up lies about the weather: remix and share with

Greg McVerry

Made a @noaa bullshit machine remixer on @glitch ever dreamed of being a meteorologist? Want to tell lies that have potential to harm Americans? Now is your chance!! Remix and share your own @noaa bullshit


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