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My quick thoughts, back stage, and rants as I try to Teach kids about the Web while learning how to help others build a better Web.


Come Journey Through the IndieWeb Sites


Greg McVerry

Hello from CT we will be joining you from my class and our camp. Campers probaly will not be on Twitter and it is optional for my students. We will have an RSS feed

Greg McVerry

Our club and my class at @scsu follow the same curriculum: tell your story, learn something, teach something, and do something. This semester I chose video and learning ukulele this is my first attempt ever at playing a song:

Greg McVerry

Talk about multimodal and youth practices today in camp we work on video games, videos, websites, and podcasts, while jamming out to Japanese rock band Burnout Syndrome

Greg McVerry

We had a wonderful #tech4teens camp with our @scsu mentors #literacies

Stories Are the Source Code of Code

2 min read

Today in the camp we practiced nested semantic elements as we built our Movie Posters.

I love this project we designed originally with Mozilla and Girls Who Code. It lives on with Glitch but it is by far one of the best digital storytelling tools.

The task was to create a scary Halloween movie about technology.

Sure students build websites and learn HTML, but that's not the point. Something about the movie poster lends to backstories. I heard pitches today that would make Hollywood gaga.

In Bill's  example discarded Fax machines cpme back to life and attack everyone with a screeching sound.

In my example "The Node DNA computing has lead to advancements in gamin with people jacking into nueral netowrks. Except  a bionic compouter virus feeds off the code and turns people into zombies.

Not your run of the day mill horder but more fierce social creatures with strict territorial boundaries and clear hieracrchical relationships.

Humanity is on the brink and live in clustered city states who can clear nearby countryside. This tale follows two star crossed hackers, each from two different cities at war with each other.'

Can they work together to defeat the virus?

Code is copy pasted. The world needs storytellers.

This project is funded by the Davis Educational Foundation established by Stanton and Elizabeth Davis after Mr Davis's retirement as chairperson of Shaw's Supermarket Inc and the Yale Community Foundation Fund.

Greg McVerry

Hey Victoria. Thanks for being such a stellar Camp Co-Director at the @scsu camp with Concepts of Adaptive Learning. You and Dianne provide wonderful leadership to our young makers and hackers

Greg McVerry

Today's @scsu to-do list. Tip for students plan for remote #highered success by setting daily goals.


2 min read

Looking for a an action packed day today.

-Early on I had some ideas for the working group that kept festering on my hike yesterday. So did some hacking on Working Group tasks before house woke up.

-Dropped kids off at school and checked the six online classes I teach this semester. Dropped in to share my love of Erik B and Rakim (this week doing best hiphop duos of 90s recommendations welcome)

-Then it will be a morning full of interviewing Southern Connecticut State University students seeking admission into our College of Education programs to become teachers.

-Will hop back into teacher mode and record some videos for where students are getting their roles assigned in our weekly discussions. Then over to show students how to use a wiki to add our book reviews.

-By lunch I transition to camp a free remote technology camp for middle schoolers. Camp starts at 15:00 so want to finalize lesson plans and hire a student worker to help with the work load.

(DM for donation materials all moneys go to getting free computers and training to families in New Haven)

-Then after dinner I have to rectify the books as treasurer for East Haddam Little League...little behind on the books.

Greg McVerry

Some more discussion on LinkedIn as well: and look at the results from a free school I set up this summer: (none of the kids showed their faces (we couldn't afford laptops with cams)

Greg McVerry

Awesome first week of the #tech4teens camp @scusu and Concepts for Adaptive Learning we played with @glitch to refresh our HTML making memes

Awesome first week of the #tech4teens camp @scusu and Concepts for Adaptive Learning we played with @glitch to refresh our HTML making memes

What a wonderful time to bring together so many generations of learners.  I love getting paid to learn.

Greg McVerry

@philnichols Ohh I am all over this we started digital field placements this summer with http://tech-4-teens and got grants to scale up our digital field placements as an after school camp.

Greg McVerry


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